Succulent Garden

I am loving adding various plants around my house this winter. It must have something to do with the lack of plant life outside. I recently picked up a blue hyacinth at the grocery store and it just started to bloom – I am in love with the smell!

Since our local garden center has Cactus and Succulent festival each February, I was inspired to try my hand at creating my very own succulent garden. My husband even joined in the fun by accompanying me with the pups.


I ended up with 4 different succulents, some decorative white sand, and a long white planter.  We also already had some cactus and succulent potting soil on hand. That’s all that’s needed!


So how did I plant them?

First, I filled my planter with cactus and succulent potting soil (you can add rocks to the bottom for extra drainage if you want), and arranged my succulents on top.

Second, I planted the succulents, being sure to be gentle. I add a bit of extra soil on top.

Lastly, I added some decorative white sand. That’s it! All done!

I found a nice home for my planter on a bookshelf in my office – it gets direct light most of the day which is perfect for succulents!

Do you love succulents or have another house plant you enjoy? Let me know!

xoxo Brianne


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