Weekend Notes: it’s the simple things

I am currently sitting here on a Sunday afternoon wondering what to post. At least I have a tea and carrot cake to keep me company as I procrastinate writing my blog post. I also love my new mug which says “for Fox Sake” – haha.


Don’t get me wrong, I have a TON of ideas, but they just didn’t quite come to fruition this week. So I thought, wait! Do you know what are some of my favourite blog posts? Chit chatty ones. I thought I’d give you guys a glimpse into my weekend.

Friday night consisted of petting my poor pup, Kiwi, who got spayed earlier that day (yes, Friday the 13th it happened – eek! but she is healing up well). So, I bundled into a comfy blanket and proceeded to binge watch 3 episodes of “The Series of Unfortunate Events”on Netflix. So far, I am really enjoying it!

Saturday, my husband, Dan, picked up some delicious sesame bagels from a local bakery that I enjoyed with a nice warm cup of coffee. I also spent the morning reading a new book called “Hygge” by Marie Tourell Soderberg. So far, it has touched on stories from other Danes, and also includes a few Danish recipes I am excited to try out. Hygge so far seems to be my word for 2017 – it is all about enjoying the comfort of the little things in life. This is something I really want to work on in 2017… relaxing and reducing my anxiety by living in the present (more on that in a future blog post!).


Saturday evening, Dan and I also had his parents over for some Chinese take-out. Later on, we snuggled into watch Back To The Future Part II (I forgot how good these movies are).

Sunday, I got in a quick workout from one of my favourite Youtubers, Blogilates. My abs killed! I spent the rest of the morning browsing my favourite blogs and Youtube subscriptions. For lunch, I caught up with an old friend at the Bauer Kitchen in Uptown Waterloo. I enjoyed a pizzetta and their house salad. Delicious! I forgot to take a picture before I gobbled it up. We browsed around a few local shops, but I saved my pennies and simply enjoyed catching up.

Now, here I am! I plan to relax for the rest of the day before going to soccer later on tonight (Dan and I play together in a co-ed recreation league – a great way to spend more time with your other half).

How did you spend your weekend? I would love to know!

xoxo Brianne





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