must read: favorite books of 2016

This year, I wanted to read more – not textbooks or career books – but fun, easy, novels. reading is one of my favorite hobbies, even when I was much younger. I don’t remember a Christmas or birthday growing up where I didn’t want a book. I am always on the hunt for a new favorite author or book, and luckily I have a few to share with you today! I am still in love with the young adult genre, and I plan to take full advantage of that until I am an “old adult” – hehe.


In no particular order… here are my top five novels of 2016:

  1. The Crown by Kiera Cass – before I read this book, I remember reading a review likening it to The Bachelor meets The Hunger Games. It is so true! This book is about a girl who is chosen to compete for the heart of the prince. It is an easy read, and I admit I consumed the entire series in a mere 2 weeks. I just couldn’t put it down!
  2. The Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard – OK, you might see a theme here – this book is very similar to #1, but the plot is very different. Again, there is a female lead who comes from nothing and is thrust to the top – betrothed to a prince. She is different, with special abilities she shouldn’t have. She must battle between doing what is right, and the cost of doing so. This book kept me on my toes right up until the end, I can’t wait to read the sequel!
  3. Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon– This book is about a girl who is allergic to the outside world and must live within the confines of her house. She ends up falling in love with a boy. But don’t be fooled! This isn’t the typical love story, the book is filled with beautiful details, and a twist at the end. I am also thrilled that it is being made into a movie in May 2017 – can’t wait to see it!
  4. Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick – This one is more of an autobiography of Anna Kendrick’s rise to fame. It is a very interesting, funny read and gives a bit of insight into the world of acting. I absolutely love Anna, she has a great sense of humor. If you are also a fan of Anna, and would like to try something a bit different, this book is for you!
  5. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell – To be honest, I’ve never read fan-fiction before, but after reading this book, I might have to start! This book is about a fan-fiction writing college freshman who has to find her own way after her twin sister starts pulling away to make new friends.This book is a great coming-of-age novel and I loved learning about the realistic relationships throughout.


Next on my list: Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas.


Did you read any of these books, what did you think? Are there any other books you loved in 2016?

xoxo Brianne


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