2017 mind map

2017 mind map

I don’t know about you, but I often have so many thoughts running through my mind that it can be hard to keep up. To relieve stress, I’ve learned to map out my thoughts on paper. I find the visualizing your thoughts somehow makes them seem more real, more tangible, and more actionable. Today, I thought I could use this technique to map out all my  2017 New Year’s goals on paper.

If you’ve never mind mapped before, never fear, I am also new to mind mapping. And its easy! For this mind map, I am simply going to put “2017” in a square (or bubble) in the middle of my paper (tip: use pretty coloured markers/pens/crayons for added visual appeal – it makes it so much more fun!).

Then, I am going to think about my goals for 2017 – do they fit into categories? I decide on 4 categories: wellness, fun, family, and work. Branch these categories out from your 2017 square, and then continue writing your specific goals under each category. Include anything or everything you want! You have no limits! Get all those thoughts out of your head and onto paper! I had to refine my mind map about 3 times before I was happy with my final goals.

Feel free to add doodles, magazine clippings, anything that makes your mind map more visually appealing to you!

Now, throughout 2017, I can add, take away, or simply reflect on these goals and see how far I have come. Do you have any goals for 2017? Have you ever tried mind mapping? Please share your thoughts in the comment section, I’d love to hear from you!

xoxo Brianne


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